Choosing the right certification body

Aparna Anilkumar

Organizations seek validation from certification bodies for the management systems they have implemented based on standards. Certification from external bodies enhances credibility of the company unlike one that is “self-certified”. This article guides you on how to choose the ideal certification body for your organization.

Licensed and Accredited

When shortlisting certification bodies, see that they are accredited by the local government of your country or that of other government bodies. This adds reliability to your certificate when obtained.


Choose a certification body that is renowned for its works and is revered by your competitors or potential clients. This enhances your competitiveness.


Always choose experienced auditors from the certification body. It is easier to get certified by inexperienced auditors but they might miss out on some details. On the contrary, experienced auditors will share their honest feedback from a critical evaluation of the management system. It is beneficial for the company in the long run.


Go for a reputed certification body that is experienced with your type of business so that you learn from them and not just get certified. If they don’t have a history of dealing with similar businesses, you will waste time explaining to them about it.

Integrated Audit

If you plan to get certified in multiple standards, ask them to conduct an integrated audit for all the systems together. This will save time and money.


The auditors’ schedule must be flexible so that you can extend the date in case the work is pending or due to unforeseen events.


Enquire if the certification body has a maturity requirement for management system for certification. It is usually 3 months of implementation.


Mitigate language barriers with auditors to smoothen communication. This will strengthen the organization’s relationship with them.