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    ISO 45001

    Health & Safety Management System

    ISO 45001 is a standard that helps implement Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System in an organization. It states the requirements and method of use of OH&S system at organizations to eliminate operational hazards, work-related injuries, illness etc.

  • A quick overview of the standard


    Setup an OH&S system

    The standard helps organizations to setup an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that abides by the law, is implemented effectively and continually improved. This safeguards the employees from workplace risks.


    Occupational Risk Analysis

    The standard recommends performing occupational risk analysis to explore the risks associated with various activities, so that the organization can be prepared to deal with it. This reduces damage from accidents.


    Operational Controls

    Imparting operational controls on all activities for safety of the employees is emphasized by the standard. This enables proactive risk management and reduced cost from unforeseen catastrophes.


    Support System

    Support systems such as awareness among all stakeholders, extend of communication, documentation, audits etc. are included in the standard as a factor for the smooth conduct of the OH&S system.


    Continual Improvement

    The standard emphasizes the need to continually improve the OH&S system through corrective actions based on the feedbacks from performance evaluation. Thus, the system is always updated in accordance with organizational operations.

  • How Certification Works

    We are with you from start to finish


    Gap Analysis

    Identify gaps in the current system. Assess organization needs.



    Manual, SOP, work instructions, templates and checklists.



    Awareness of the system and how to implement them.



    What to do & how to do it. Monitor and measure performance.



    Verify that the system is working effectively.

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